As many of you will know, the Victoria and Albert museum are showcasing a Cristobal Balenciaga exhibition – ‘Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion’ from 27th May.
In anticipation of this upcoming exhibition, the V&A hosted a catwalk show of Central Saint Martin’s womenswear and print design students’ work, which was inspired by Balenciaga’s creations.

As I was already looking forward to the upcoming exhibition, a classmate of mine suggested we went to see the show. I was surprised to find that the catwalk was open to everyone and was also free to attend!

See a few of the photos below that I managed to take whilst in the busy crowd:

The show started off in the main entrance of the V&A, with the models parading around the galleries with the huge crowd of spectators chasing after them, all with cameras in their hands.
After walking around, the models came to a stop in one of the main galleries and stood on a stage, posing for the crowd for another 20 minutes.

I was extremely impressed by the designs that I saw, and it could clearly be seen that inspiration was taken from iconic Balenciaga designs. This event was a great idea to get people excited for the upcoming exhibition in May.





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